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About us

Makkena today

  • Currently we are cultivating over 20 ha. of land out of which 4 ha. are heated in a block style greenhouse resulting in all year production, 2 ha. are non-heated, 10 ha. are occupied with cherries and 5 ha. with peaches & nectarines.
  • The production in the greenhouse is aimed mainly towards tomatoes and cucumbers, grown on natural soil contributing to the distinguishable taste qualities.
  • Modern automated and computerized system maintains optimal environmental conditions for growth stimulation.
  • Our extensive experience in agriculture only demonstrates in the high quality products that we offer.


To ensure highest quality vegetables we work with leading companies providing seeds – Hazera, Claus,Syngenta, Enza Zaden ect.

Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. Hazera brings expertise commitment and support, combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology. Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops around the world.

Labin – Spanish bio fertilizers.

We also have a whole year around closed cycle of production we grow our own products from seed to end result in order to have full control of our veggies ensuring higher standards.

At present, the company realizes its production on the Bulgarian market. The mentioned above facts are only a few reasons why some of the biggest hypermarket chains choose to work with us such as Metro, BulMag, Paconi ect.


The company was established in 2008 with focus on growing vegetables and fruits in Golyamo Vranovo in the Rousse district of Bulgaria.

When the company started in 2008 we initially had only 0,3 ha. of land to work with. With increasing experience of every year passing and growing interest in market demand we have expanded our land to cover more than 20 ha. nowadays.

It was more than 10 years ago when we laid the first foundations of our headquarters and stated expanding the farming grounds.

In this gallery you can see how we have planted our first cherry tree plantation from which we are harvesting nowadays, and the assembling process of our modern greenhouse.

About our advantages:

With our ever increasing quality standards and determination combining the experience of local workers and professionals in agriculture, working alongside contemporary technologies in the greenhouse production. We have successfully created a reputation of a trustworthy, modern partner.

Greenhouse complex

With more than 20 ha of land 4 ha. out of which are heated in a block style, all plants are equipped with their own drip fed irrigation system, we have our own meteorological stations measuring humidity, temperature, wind speed and acidity, in order to provide optimal environmental conditions, everything included is monitored and controlled from our computerized system which optimizes our labor time, freeing more time for us to focus on R&D. As we are focused on delivering quality products above all we take very seriously the fertile soil in which all of the plants are farmed that is why we take constant soil samples and test them in local certified laboratories.

Sorting section

We have our own sorting section, where the harvested production is treated with care, in order to supply the highest quality goods to our clients, moreover we pack our final products on the spot to in order to retain the freshness of the products, we also have cooled storage rooms from where the shipping is commencing.


7065, Bulgaria, Ruse Province,
The Village of Golyamo Vranovo

43°57′00″, 26°20′00″